Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Beginnings

Most of you have heard that we are making a big move this summer! Dan accepted a position teaching theater at Messiah College outside of Harrisburg, Pa., and we'll be moving there in June. We have "all the feels" about this move. We're excited to be near family--something we've hoped and prayed for over that last 7 years--but we've been in Arkansas a long time and we're sad to leave the friends we have here. So far so good. Our house is under contract (whew!) and we hope that everything continues to go well with that sale. I am applying for positions in the area where we will be living and hoping to stay in higher education, too. The boys seem pretty excited about the move and are starting to ask questions about what it will be like. I hope they continue to have a positive attitude about it, especially when we start packing up the boxes. Dan plans to go out in May and look for a place for us to live, so we don't have a new address just yet. We've had a busy and fun spring celebrating Dan's 37th birthday, Easter, and preparing for the move. We even squeezed in a trip to the circus during Spring Break. Dan's last show at OBU, Shrek, the Musical, was great! I know he was sad to see it close though, because it means that he won't be in this community of students very much longer. But hopefully it won't take long for him to feel at home in his new position. So, please send us your thoughts and prayer over these next few weeks as we get ready to go. We'll give updates as we can. Hope you all are enjoying this season of new beginnings, too.

In our front yard--it's getting real around here!
Micah makes his own version of the Jungle Book

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny visited our house

And he hid some eggs at the church playground, too!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

The circus came to town, tigers included


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