Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow Daze!

The results of experiential learning

You can't keep a good man down.

Ice storn


Saturday selfie

Well this has been a topsy-turvy upside-down month! We have missed a total of 7, yes, 7 days of school due to a combination of ice and snow! I woke up one morning to the sound of large branches falling from the pines trees in our backyard due to the coating of ice on everything. Luckily only our rearview car window was smashed, and not our roof. Mama had to get creative with two busy boys around the house, but we got by with some help from Just Dance Disney for the XBox, tent forts, and sprinkles/pre-made sugar cookie mix. Being in Arkansas, we weren't prepared for the snowy weather, so in these photos you can see the boys wearing a strange mish-mosh of winter gear including my rain boots (Micah) and my fleece phone touch gloves (Jacob)! We made it work and the boys had a great time doing what kids do in the snow. On round 3 of the weather we even made snow cream--a syrupy concoction of sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and real snow. Judging from the looks on their faces (above)I think they liked it! Mid-month Jacob had a run-in with a hot stove top and got some pretty bad burns on his right hand. For those of you wondering, yes, this is the hand he usually sticks in his mouth for comfort. So, that was pretty traumatic for all of us. But he is now fully recovered. They second photos down is from his Valentine's Day party at school. He loves a party!Dan was busy dodging the icy weather to attend several professional conferences and meeting for work. We were all glad when those responsibilities were over and we didn't have to worry about him driving across the state in the snow. That might not be a big deal up north,but there are very few plows/salt machines in this state which make for dangerous conditions. We are glad the spring is coming. I know many of our family members are thankful for the same thing!

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