Saturday, December 19, 2015

We're ba-ack...!

Bet you thought the blog was never coming back! Well, here we are. We've moved to PA and we are enjoying and adjusting to life here. So much has happened but here are a few highlights: did I mention we moved? We sold our house the day we put it on the market in AR. Truly a blessing. The moving truck came on the last day of school for Micah. Jacob turned 4 in May and is a preschooler at the university's early learning center where Dan works as a assoc professor of theatre arts--Messiah College. He is into treasure and maps. Micah turned 8 and is now in 2nd grade at the local elementary school He get to take the bus now, enjoy reading and collecting rocks and coins. We are living in a rented townhome and looking for a place of our own to move into this spring. Our rental is right next to a park so we have been spending lots of time there. Since we had all summer together--neither Dan nor I were working--we had lots of time to process our move and enjoy spending time together. It was truly wonderful. I now work for the PA School Boards Assoc as an editor and publication manager. Since I get off at 4m we have more time together in the evenings, which we love. Dan's first show--Anatomy of Gray--went really well and Gramma Lynn and Papa Roger came all the way to PA from WI to see it (and us!) We all had Thanksgiving together, with my parents as well--a first for us all to celebrate together. We have found a church community and are making some friends there, and the boys are also making friends at school. Anyway, here are a few photos from the summer and fall. I will try to post some videos, but they are giving me trouble right now. Thanks to all who have prayed and sent us good wishes for this move and transition. We have been blessed in many ways. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and I promise to post more soon!

Those silly boys

cutie patooty

playing in the park nextdoor

Weekend before Halloween in DE

Trick or Treat!

Celebrating Micah's birthday at Indian Echo Caverns

carving the pumpkins

at the gemstone wash with Pop Pop and Grammy

Happy Birthday, sweetie :-)

Micah loves digging for rocks in his birthday mining kit

At the U.S. Army Heritage Center with Gramma Lynn and Papa Rorger

Cute photo of Jacob from last Christmas--just because!

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