Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making Memories

Headed to the lake!

Reading the scrapbooks

His Native American name would be "Crazy Hair"

We spent a nice morning at the lake, and despite the depressed look on Jacob's face at the door, he really was excited to go :-) Micah's really into snorkling now, so he brought his set with him. He also practices in the bathtub and has begun teaching Jacob how to blow bubbles and put his face under the water.

Jacob's appointment for allergies went really well last week. The test came back negative and Jacob handled the testing very well--no crying at all. Although it doesn't really help us treat his asthma better, at least we know it isn't some hidden allergen that's been contributing to his occasional flareups.

I am going through a big shift in my job right now. Over the past few months, my responsibilities for media buying (most of my job) were outsourced to a consulting firm as part of a large overhaul of our dept. We still have an interim boss and it's been a year since our former one left and we've been waiting on direction. To replace the work I lost, I've been given responsibilities with social media and am figuring all of that out now. I think my job description has done a 180. It's stressful but also good to feel like I am "useful" again. Dan is gearing up for the start of a new semester and is working on a review for a theatre publication. Since this is tenure year for him, it will be busy, no doubt. Micah is starting kindergarten so it will also be a big year of change for him. There is always some apprehension at the start of the academic year  in the fall, since we all go to school in one way or another. Somehow it all comes together....if we can just make it through October :-)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The zoo

The title of this post is both literal and metaphoric. Life with small children can often be likened to a zoo--noisy, chaotic and a little smelly (especially in the diaper stage) but fascinating, none the less. Last Wednesday, we had a t-storm come through town and knock out the power. Lucky for us, our power was restored within a few hours. But the next day, power was still out across parts of town, including on the campus where I work. So I got a free day off! Since we were already up and ready to greet the day, we decided to drive to the Little Rock Zoo for some fun without the weekend crowds. It was hot, so we stayed through late morning and then headed over to All Aboard for lunch--a restaurant in L.R. that has a small train running around the top of the seating area. When your food is ready, the train delivers it to your table :-) I snapped a few pictures with the camera of Jacob since this was his first zoo visit. He seemed to enjoy the animals, when they weren't hiding in the shade to escape the heat. We know that he already can identify many animals since he can point to a lot of them in his seek-and-find book. I'm not sure he made the connection that these were the real thing, though. Maybe in a couple years.

The locusts are in full force here in AR and both boys insist on hunting for locust "shells" in the yard. They are amassing quite a collection in  a beach bucket in the backyard. Saturday morning we played  "baseball" in the empty parking lot behind our house, at Micah's request. Micah is getting really good at hitting and throwing and just really enjoys this game. Jacob and I played outfield, while Daddy pitched. I think we may have a future little leaguer on our hands.

Micah and Daddy have been enjoying their time together, working on small projects around the house, putting together monster truck models, watching movies and coming up with new "tricks" --that's what Micah likes to call his gymnastic efforts on the couch cushions in the bedroom. It was, in fact, just one of these tricks that landed us in the ER last night, for Jacob. Micah was attempting to help Jacob experience the fun that is "tricks" done from the top of the cushion, and he was pulling Jacob's arms to haul him on top of the bed when Jacob began to cry and hold his arm. Having been down this road before , we knew it was nursemaid's elbow (small dislocation of the elbow) and would require a doctor to make things right. It wasn't hurting him unless he attempted to move it from its bent position, so Dan carried him out to the car and we all drove to the ER (we don't have an urgent care center for after-clinic accidents in Arkadelphia). A few minutes later, we were driving back home with a happy boy singing in the backseat, will full range of motion and no pain. Dan and I have agreed that from now on we just need to budget for one ER visit per year per boy. Of course in mommy fashion, I woke up numerous times last night with nightmares about horrible things happening to Jacob! Sigh. Even though I know he was fine, I was grateful to wake up to find a smiling child this morning.

Tomorrow we are going to L.R. for Jacob's appt. with the pediatric allergy specialist. He will have a skin test to help us determine what he's allergic to. We are really hoping that this will help us alleviate some of the asthma, ezcema issues he has had over this year.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Haircut

My stylin' son!

This will be a short and sweet post-- I just had to show ya'll Micah's new do. It's pretty cute :-) Daddy asked the barber to "style" it and so she spiked it up a bit in the front and shaved it close on the sides for summer. Micah loves it! I'm thinking this would be a good idea for Jacob too since no matter what I do, his do sticks straight up on the sides anyway. At least it could look intentional with a little gel. Micah's out of his summer program and home with Dan, so far so good. They've been enjoying their time together. Yesterday they went out and got a children's snorkel/goggle set and some water guns from the dollar store. I can tell they'll be visiting the lake a lot! In other news, yesterday the boys came by the office to visit me and I had an apple sitting on the desk.Micah asked if he could have it, took a couple bites and then handed it over to Jacob. Well, he worked on that for awhile, eating the entire thing, except for the four little seeds inside the core, which he carefully removed and handed to me, one at a time. That boy loves his fruit.