Friday, March 21, 2014

Bedtime Buddies

"I wanna be in the show, too!"

Asleep, at last.

We had a great second visit with Gramma and Papa Roger who stopped by again on the their way back to the frozen tundra, I mean, Wisconsin :-) The boys share a room when we have company so that the grownups can sleep in Jacob's room. I heard some noises in there and so before I went to bed, I sneaked a look. Jacob had crawled into Micah's bed and the two of them had fallen asleep like that, blankeys and all. The next night, Jacob tried the same thing (he is just a snuggler, what can I say?) and ended up falling on the floor and upsetting himself. It took Gramma Lynn, Dan and I an hour and a half to get him settled back down in his own crib! So, I can't say the experiment was a success, but it did result in a cute picture :-)

Tonight is Micah's first t-ball practice. He hasn't really had a chance to hit many balls this spring yet, so I hope he has fun tonight. He is in a competitive league this year (the 6-yr-olds have to be) so they will be keeping score at the games. This week will be Spring Break so Dan will have a short break from the rehearsals he's been doing every night. I have Friday off, so hopefully the weather will be nice and we can enjoy some time outside this weekend!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Get Your Lemonade, Right Here!

Humpty Dumpty, up on his wall

The whole stage

Enjoying treats from daddy

Mardi Gras beads!  

Well, Dan got back from his theatre conference and we were all still in one piece! He brought back presents for all of us, including some Mardi Gras beads they used as decoration. We were all glad to see him, although I have to say that the boys were pretty well behaved for me. Micah had his school play this week and he was playing Humpty Dumpty. Although he looked very serious up there, he said he had a good time and he said his lines well! One of Dan's students in the costume shop made his costume, which was adorable. We didn't realize he would be sitting down the whole time, so the hoop part of it was kind of awkward. But he looked so cute in it anyway. We got a little footage as you can see. He was proud to be in a show just like one of daddy's :-) Micah's having trouble hearing so we took him back to the Dr. this week. We're trying some different allergy meds in case that is the problem but we have to go back to the ENT for some tests. We're hoping he'll be better by next week. Other than that, we're doing fine here and thinking about all of our family and friends who are in cold and icy places right now! Jacob has been watching Micah and I go through his reading homework and sight words at night and has been doing a little "reading" of his own (see video). Hope you enjoy this little snippet of life in our world this week. We're entering a very busy time with Dan's starting musical rehearsals and the final gauntlet until graduation in May.