Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend festivities

So Santa came to Perritt Elementary this weekend to have breakfast with all of the kids. We went to have our photo taken and make some crafts. Since we had just seen Santa earlier in the week at the craft store, he asked how the boys ornament project had turned out. This is one of the advantages of living in a small town :-) Micah told him he would like Legos for Christmas and Jacob told him he would like a train. We'll just have to see if those Christmas wishes come true! We spent some of yesterday afternoon bagging leaves in the yard. Micah was a big help and we got 13 bags done in about an hour. I keep telling him that I'm going to record him when he says "Mom, can we please rake leaves?" and play it back for him in about 5 years :-) I have a pretty cute video from their leaf adventures that I'll post on Facebook. For some reason I still can't figure out how to send videos from my phone to the blog without downloading them first, so I'll just post it there. Micah made letters for both of his Grammas yesterday and sent them in the mail, so those should be on their way! Micah asked for a calendar this week and I gave him an extra one we had. I asked what he was going to do with it. He said, "Jacob keeps saying its time to open presents every day when he wakes up so I'm showing him on the calendar how many days we have left." He's been putting an "X" over each day until Christmas for little brother to see before going to school :-) We've been baking and wrapping and cutting and gluing and doing all of those sorts of things around here this week.

Couldn't keep them out of the leaves!
This is the cutest picture :-)

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