Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Adventures of M & J

                                      Micah, helping me vacuum up the crumbs in the kitchen.
                                                          Jacob wants to help too!
                                            Baths are more fun when there's more than one!

I think Micah really liked his first week of school! After his first day I asked him how it was and he said "Everything was fun!" His teacher has set up a private Facebook page where she posts photos of the kids playing and learning in the classroom .I've noticed a few kids from his previous class in there and is already talking about playing with a few of the new kids he's met, including another Micah. Last Friday he told Dan that he didn't need him to walk him into class anymore, but it was ok to drop him off (they have teachers at the curb to help the kids out of their carseats and into the classroom each morning). We had a little scare on the second day of school! I got a call from the school office that Micah's ear was bleeding and they suspected his eardrum had burst, although he said it wasn't hurting. Since I had an important work meeting, Dan picked M up and took him to the Dr. where we discovered that he had simply picked a scab on the outside of his ear, which had bled a bit into the ear canal. His ears are both fine. Whew! Otherwise, the transition has been pretty smooth. He brought home a picture he had drawn on a paper plate. The teacher had written on the plate what Micah was depicting in the picture. There was a house, a bear, some food that the bear was eating, and several other things on there! He is a good storyteller and loves watching Spider-Man cartoons on video. These days we can hardly get through a video or a book for all the questions Micah has. Last night he wanted to talk about a cartoon we watched where Doc Oc (Dr. Octopus is a famous Spider-Man villain) become a bad guy. He asked me how he became bad and I explained that other villain had tricked him into it.  He then asked if we could pray and ask God to keep him from becoming a bad guy. I explained that in real life, other people don't "make" a person become bad, but being "bad" or "good" was more about the choices we make everyday, and that we needed to choose to act with love and kindness, etc. But we did pray that God would help him to make those good choices. It makes me happy to know that my son is thinking about the kind of person he wants to be. Comic books are great for life metaphors. Now just wait until we get the more "gray" villains and superheroes! I'm really gonna need some wisdom to answer the questions that he poses then.

Jacob continues to do well in his new class. He has a new fascination with butterflies. The teacher has hung colored butterflies from hooks in the ceiling in his classroom and so now whenever he sees on in a book or something he always points to it and say "tah-taht", which I think means "touch it". He also says "eee-aah" whenever he wants to eat (which is a lot!) and  "tuk" for "truck." All animals says "kack" for "quack" and he just loves his musical frig toy that plays banjo music. He pushes the button over and over and grooves to the tunes. Hopefully I can get that on video sometime. He has recovered from his cold and for the first time in months, did not have an ear infection at all! He is still a snuggle bug and needs his hugs from Mom and Dad, although he becoming more matter-of-fact about the whole bedtime routine now and doesn't want to be rocked quite as much. Although his little "kisses" are pretty sloppy and lately accompanied by copious amounts of nose goop, I wouldn't trade one of those for all the money in the world!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Everything New

                                     My precious "big boy" on his first day of Pre-K at Perritt Primary!

                                        All ready for school with his "Avengers" backpack on!

                        If you look closely, you can see the freckles that have sprouted on his cheeks :-)

                                                                   A snuggle before school.

                                                              "Smile for the camera Jacob!"

                                                       "Time to biff some troublesome trucks!"

"All Aboard!"

You'd think that having put kids in daycare for four years would exempt me from feeling a bit blue on Micah's first day of Pre-K. But it does not. Even though this won't be the first time he's spending the day away from home like it will be for some kids, I have to admit I felt a bit sad meeting his new teacher at Open House last Thursday. Not because she wasn't great (she is), but because she's not at AJ's where Micah's been for almost 4 years. I know people usually go through this at Kindergarten, but let's face it: it's the same thing. Kindergarten is at the same school he's going to this year and they treat Pre-K just like the big K anyway. The only difference is there are no grades and no penalties for lateness. On the flip side, my sweet little boy with the contagious giggle now can write his name, count to 50, and even spell a few words! He is definitely excited and ready for this new experience.  His teacher Ms. Tracye Davis, seems like a great fit for him. He is in a class of 14 kids with the teacher and an aide so he will get more attention than at daycare. When Dan dropped M off at school this morning he said he went right in and sat down at his place at the table, ready to start! He's still having trouble hearing, so we're telling the teacher and hopefully we'll be able to get that resolved soon with the ENT. I can't wait to hear all about his first day when he gets home. 

Jacob was not so enthused to find out that he would not be riding to school with big brother this morning! He is very happy to have moved up to the next class at daycare, though, and all was forgotten when we got there and he was passed off into Nanny Melia's waiting arms (she had food!). They have been transitioning him to the new room for a month so he's used to the surroundings and loves all of the bigger toys they have in there. He is sporting a new tooth to go with that new class, a move that had us concerned this weekend when he was waking up at night. This coincided with the ending of the antibiotic drops we were putting in his ears after his surgery for tubes a week ago. (By the way, everything went very smoothly and he has recovered well,without incident.) We thought maybe it was another infection coming on. But no--after some exploration, I discovered a little toothie peeking through the gum the next morning. The last couple of nights have been more peaceful. 

We had fun this weekend, making a trip to Hot Springs to Sam's Club to stock up before the busy season and going out to eat. Yesterday while Dan was at a brief new student orientation at OBU, the boys and I played in the Thomas tent and the inflatable thing, which they both love. Micah loved watching "Nanny McPhee", which we borrowed from the library last week. We are still working out the kinks in our transportation, now that the boys are in separate places during the day, I think we will need to buy extra car seats. 

Please keep Dan in your thoughts and prayers. He is almost doubling his work load this semester due to a lot of new students coming into the department and a colleague on sabbatical. He will be directing a Japanese folk tale called The Crane Wife in September for the children's production. The good news is that it'll be completed by the end of the month, but that means it will be crazy for the next few weeks. Meanwhile, the new president at HSU is shaking things up, too.. It's a busy, overwhelming time for most people right now, but I know that things will get better once we find our routine. Every day is a new day, thank God.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ear Tubes

Well, it's official. Jacob is getting ear tubes put in tomorrow at a hospital in Hot Springs. It'll be done by the same Dr. who took my tonsils out a couple years ago, so we're confident in his abilities. I know it s a routine procedure, so I'm not too worried. But I guess, I wouldn't be a mom if I weren't a tad concerned about them putting him in a "twilight" sleep for the surgery. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and it will cut down on the ear infections. Poor kid, I don't think he's gone without one for more than a day or two for months.

Anyway, here are some cute pictures and videos from this week. We inflated the giant blow-up circle for the boys to bounce around it and they both love it! It helps them get out all the wiggles after school when it's too hot to go outside.

                                               The boys, "horsing around" in the inflatable

                                            Jacob is ready for football season--go Blue Hens!