Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You know it's fall when...

So, it's been a super busy fall at our house. I snapped a few cute photos since my last post and thought I'd at least take a minute to throw them up here and let everyone know we are still here! My next post will probably be a Halloween one. Hope you all are enjoying the seasonal color.

These flowers pop up every year in the fall. We call them Spider Lilies because of their unique shape. Almost every yard in town has a smattering of them. This happens before the leaves start changing colors.
We had a great time at the annual Manchester Pumpkin Day festival. We chose our pumpkins, took a  hayride and the boys played games and enjoyed a beautiful day. It's become and annual tradition. Except for a little apprehension on the hayride on Jacob's part (there were some paper ghosts and bats that were hung in the trees) I think they loved it.
Here's Micah shooting his paper turkey with a bb gun in the turkey shot contest :-) Daddy is helping. And yes, there were lots of safety rules in place!
Jacob and I were taking a walk one afternoon while Daddy and Micah were at fall baseball practice. An elderly woman was getting out of her car near the sidewalk and asked if it would be ok to offer Jacob this teddy bear. He named it Patches! He was having a great time smashing acorns with his sneakers.