Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Slice of Life

It's been awhile since I've posted, and that's because we had just a few things to do around here :-) Work for both Dan and I has been fast-paced these days. The kids are adjusting to the new school year (so far so good) and we've been going about our business as usual. Micah requested a visit to the train car that sits down by the Arkadelphia Historical Museum. He really wanted Jacob to see the car for some reason, so we took a snack over there and let them explore for awhile. This weekend was the Clark County Fair--I hope to have some pictures of Micah enjoying the fair when I get them from Dan's phone! He won a plastic piggy bank, which he was very excited to turn over to his little brother who didn't have one yet. Now he is enthusiastically shaking the pennies it in all around the house, much to our chagrin :-) We are looking forward to a visit from Aunts Debbie and Janice in Vermont! It will be their first trip to Arkansas to see us, so I hope they enjoy their time seeing the boys and our little town. My parents will also be coming with them so we'll practically have a family reunion going on. Micah is preparing for his school musical "Cheesy" in October. He will be playing the part of "Fondue," complete with lederhosen. Jacob was very excited for a special visitor that came to his school today--a police officer and vehicle. He talked about it all morning on the way there. I hope they took pics! I'll be going on a web professionals conference in Portland, OR, and am excited, nervous, etc. about the whole thing. It's been about 5 years since I've been to one and I'm afraid my networking skills might be a bit rusty. Dan will also be traveling several times this fall for recruiting and professional development events, as usual. Hopefully we will all stay healthy this year! Hope everyone out there is having a good fall as well.
Just a couple of railroad workers...

"We represent the Lolipop Guild..."

It's the best part of baking

Micah's piggy gets a friend