Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School!

Today's the big day! Micah was ready to start 1st grade and has been talking about it for weeks. Last night Dan asked him if he wanted him to walk him into school on the first day or do the car drop-off line. He told him he would just prefer to walk in alone. Dan said he walked right up there and never looked back! He's top-dog this year, with his school only going up to 1st grade, so things aren't quite as intimidating as the first year when he was a Pre-K student. Jacob has been talking positively about his new school since we visited and seemed excited when we pulled up. He had one little meltdown about hand washing once we got to school but he got it together quickly. Someone set him up at a table with some playdough and after a few minutes of that, I said goodbye and he said bye back, without even looked up from his project. So, it went much better than I anticipated! He has a cold this morning, so I'm hoping that doesn't cause him trouble today. As you can see in this picture, I put his shoes on the wrong feet, but luckily I managed to fix it after we arrived :-) I hope they both have a wonderful first day.