Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jacob!

Ok, so it's taken me some time to get these photos and videos from Jacob's birthday on the blog. And it's also taking me some time to come to grips with the fact that my "baby" is not really my baby anymore :-( Of course, I'm glad that we're not still in the throes of midnight feedings and this age is so fun and filled with new things, but I do miss that sweetness that comes in the early days. Jacob had a wonderful time at his party! We were so pleased to have my parents and several friends with us for the celebration on Memorial Day, which happened to fall on his actual birthday this year.

For several weeks I had been asking Jacob what kind of party he would like. He kept telling me "Doc McStuffins!" ( a Disney show character who doctors her stuffed animals) so I did my best to make that dream come true. As you can see, our centerpiece for the table was a Stuffy doll, one of Doc's best buds on the show. We had Doc-themed cupcakes and hamburgers/hotdogs and just let the kids play. Its amazing how much fun a group of kids can have in a kiddie pool in the backyard! Too bad Micah had broken his arm during the last week of school while playing freeze tag in P. E. class. It was a simple buckle fracture, but he needed a cast. So he couldn't go into the water to join in that fun, but he was my big boy and helped the little ones enjoy their time at our house. (He is doing fine with the cast and enjoying the extra attention!) Thanks again to everyone who gifts and cards and well wishes to our sweet, party-loving boy! He is really enjoying his new playthings.

We had a great visit with my parents, and I'll hopefully get those photos to load from my phone soon so you can see that. Dan and Dad did some projects around the house, including installing a new flower bed in the front yard. For those who watch HGTV, I can tell you that it has greatly improved the "curb appeal" of our house! Dan and I got to have an overnight while my parents watched the kids and we drove to Crystal Bridges, a beautiful art museum in the northern part of the state. It was a great getaway, especially after the very busy semester we just went through.My parents were here to see Micah's last tball game (before he broke his arm) and his AWANA award ceremony (he finished his book and review!), and it's always special to get to share those moments with our family.

Dan is currently working on replacing part of the sub floor in the living room, which is hardwood. It's a tough job, but I'm glad he has the ability to do most of the work on his own, saving us time and money. Micah is going to a summer day camp at a local church for a few weeks and then he'll be home with Dan and, hopefully, taking swim lessons if  he gets the cast off. Jacob will be at his usual school this summer and will be preparing for his move to a preschool this fall since he has aged out of where he is now. He is going through so many transitions now, starting to sleep in a twin bed, (he looooves his crib!) and completing potty training. Micah is going around reading all of the signs he can find, so he's really catching on to the reading thing. I hope he continues to feel that way, especially when they hit phonics and all of that this next year. I can't believe he is a 1st grader now! I've got lots of work projects going on and its also VBS week at church, so it's not slow around here, but it is nice to have Dan at home in the evenings and weekends. We are all enjoying the family time.