Tuesday, May 20, 2014

End of the school year shuffle

Micah is getting his AWANA certificate for book completion!
Holding up his certificate

This little helper visited me at work!

Me and my boys on Mother's Day :-)

The boys love chalking the front stoop with Daddy after work

Micah's "rest time" creation

All that playing outside means lots of baths!

It has been a super crazy last month with school getting out, t-ball games, mother's day and everything else! But we are glad that its now summer and we've got more opportunities to spend time together. I posted some pictures of things we've been doing over the last few weeks. Grammy and Pop Pop Noden are visiting right now and we are enjoying that! Dan is working on re-landscaping the front of the house with my dad, who always wants a project to work on. Our house wouldn't be quite as cute as it is without the help from our parents who lend us a hand whenever they visit. We will be having a special birthday this Monday--Jacob is turning 3! We've invited a few friends over to celebrate with us. I'll post some pictures from that next time. In an academic town, summers are always a time of transition. The students are gone, some graduated and gone, and new ones are coming in. Professors come and go as they change jobs. Things slow down a lot since the students make up about half of the population of our town. We're in the process of saying good bye to some people we will miss and we're also hoping and looking forward to a new semester and all it will bring. But for this in-between time, we'll enjoy afternoons in the sprinkler, after-tball ice cream cones and grilling burgers with friends...all those fun casual summer things. We're grateful for the space in our lives that summer brings.