Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Tooth Fairy visit

Yea! I finally got a picture with two smiles!

Papa introduces Jacob to the wonder of Blue Bell ice cream

"I don't have any new teeth but I didn't want to be left out."
 Micah showing off his new tooth (and trying no to blink at the flash)            

I guess you can tell from the title that Micah has lost his first tooth! He was very excited when it finally fell out while he was eating some toast for breakfast yesterday. Last night the tooth fairy brought him two dollar coins :-) We had a short visit from Gramma Lynn and Papa Roger this week as they were on their way to the Gulf for a respite from winter in the north. They will be back again in a few weeks for a couple of days on their way home. Jacob could not believe his good luck when Papa handed him a whole ice cream cone all for him! He did need help figuring out how to lick it. though. Micah is coming along very nicely with his reading skills. The school library sends him home with a book every day that is at reading level so he gets plenty of practice. He is growing up so fast. We have been enjoying warmer temps on the weekends by spending time at the park and in the empty lot in back of us on our bikes. Jacob hasn't quite gotten the hang of the tricycle yet, but he really like to get along on his mini John Deere. He stores all kinds of treasures in the seat, which opens up.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Day!

making the world a little more colorful

"What do you think of my art?"

Micah puts the finishing touches on his stars

The "tickle monster" strikes again!

Fun in the snow!

Working on a snowman

"What is this white stuff, mom?"

It's chilly!

Look out!

About to get pelted

The slide is so much more fun when it's covered with snow

Daddy explains the finer points of snowman making

"And that's why you don't eat the yellow snow, son."                      

Here's a cute video of Jacob singing along to his favorite song...

We finally got some snow! (And we're supposed to get more tomorrow.) Unfortunately, it was on a Saturday so we didn't get a day off from work/school. But we had fun making a snowman, throwing snowballs and running around in the white stuff, at least until our hands got wet :-) There was only a couple of inches as you can see but hey, this is Arkansas, and around here, that's like an avalanche! The kids also got into the paint this week and both made some nice artwork to hang on their walls. Micah especially loves art; his latest career goal is to be an art teacher. Micah's pretty much over his cough/cold and passed it along to Dan, who is trying to get over it now. See, we are teaching them to share :-) This week I'm sure I'll have lots more photos to share of Valentine's Day parties (and maybe some more snow). Micah finished his Sparkies handbook in AWANA this week and is now on the review verses. He is still my little philosopher. This week he came out with this one:

M: Mom, everything is made up of ingredients. And God made the ingredients in the ingredients.
J: Um, like what do you mean, the ingredients in the...
M: I mean like wheat. God made that.
J: Oh, you mean like when we make bread we use flour and salt and water, etc., and the flour is made of wheat.
M: Yeah, and God made the first wheat. 
J: Yes, God made the "first" wheat, but people can grow it from seeds.

It used to be "Why?" and now he's added "How?"

He is still trying to understand the difference between man-made things, like houses, and natural things, like trees. He makes me a better writer, because I really have to think about all of the words I say and exactly what I want them to mean. And I have to find new ways of describing things, every day.