Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas!

Christmas cookies!

The boys have a friend over

Micah performs an original composition

Reenacting the Christmas story

our tree

kitty enjoys her treat

Rogue chills with the boys

Ho ho ho!

making holiday projects

It's been awhile since I've posted because we've had a lot going on! Dan has finished the semester, turning in all of his grades, the college students have gone home and we are finally focusing on Christmas and our upcoming trip to visit Pop Pop and Grammy in Delaware! Last week we had some ice, which caused school to be cancelled for the day. We had a surprise visit from one of the boys' friends and they had a fun time playing and decorating Christmas cookies!

Last week we also said goodbye to Rogue, our kitty of 13 years. It was a tough day, but we tried to have some special time with her the week before and even allowed her a normally off-limits treat of ice cream (her tummy couldn't handle "people" food anymore). We will miss her.

Micah's school held a special Christmas celebration on Saturday where children could meet Santa, have breakfast, and make special holiday projects out of paper, glue and other supplies.We also had a potluck celebration at church on Sunday and several other parties in the mix.

I am sure we will have a bunch of photos after our visit up north. Hopefully we won't have any flat tires or things like that, like we did last year! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's and we'll see you in 2014!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

Micah beating everyone at Monopoly Empire

Jacob's first (maybe) ice cream cone!

The first of many for Micah this week!

Papa Roger dishes out the goodness

The Inouye guys get into the Christmas spirit

Jacob sees this year's tree for the first time

Leaf blower in training

Micah's ahead, again!

Our attempt at a family picture

Me and mine

Mama and the baby of the family

Gramma Lynn and Micah at the Garven Garden lights

Everyone gathers in the gingerbread house

We were blessed to have company for Thanksgiving this year--Gramma Lynn and Papa Roger! We had a great visit with them and it was nice to have 5 days off in a row from work. We got to attend a special Christmas concert at OBU, celebrate Thanksgiving, shop for gifts, see a spectacular lights show at Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, and put up the Christmas decorations! That's a lot for two little kids (not to mention their parents and grandparents) and we enjoyed it all. Micah was really into the board games this year and we played almost everyday: Monopoly Empire, Trouble, Connect 4, Candyland, Survive, Life and PayDay. And he won a lot of those games too! On Thanksgiving we cooked up a big meal, watched the parade on TV and took a long walk to work off all of that turkey. It was  a beautiful day weather-wise. The boys worked with Gramma to make some special ornaments for the Christmas tree out of craft supplies. Jacob still can't leave them on the tree, but at least they are child-safe for the most part :-) Jacob and Micah did pretty well sharing a room for the week. Micah even said last night that he missed having Jacob in his room and I told him that we could still do "sleepovers" once in awhile.  Hope you enjoy these photos and videos of the week, and hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday and family and friends. Although it is good to be thankful everyday, I think it's fitting in our busy life to have at least one day set aside specifically for this focus.

On a sad note, we also decided that it is time to let Rogue kitty pass on. She's got multiple health issues, and we understand that this is the time. She has been telling us for awhile, being extra lovey and wanting to sit in our laps every time we sit down for even a moment. We've been spending time at the vet's office frequently for the last few months, but even a special diet and medication doesn't seem to be helping her anymore. She is over 14 years old now. I think she will glad there will be no more poking and prodding and pills. But I am sad to let her go.