Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy (early) Birthday, Jacob!

Big bro "hides" under the table waiting to surprise lil bro.

The surprised birthday boy!

The candles have been blown out--let's eat!

"Can someone hand me a napkin?"

"What is it?"

loving his new toy from Gramma and Grampa

We had a busy weekend, welcoming Grammy and Pop Pop from Delaware, saying goodbye to Daddy, who is at his conference, and having an early celebration for Jacob who turns two this Sunday! I know it's cliche to say, but I really can't believe the time has passed so quickly. Jacob is just a sweet boy and we have enjoyed these first years with him. Micah refers to Jacob and his best friend on a regular basis, and I'm pretty sure Jacob would agree if he could say so. For now, he'll have to make do with "Bubba!" and a big smile whenever Micah comes into the room. Last night he called him into the bathroom where he was getting a bath to show Micah how he had learned to splash water up on the walls. He is constantly trying to copy M wants to be wherever he is. I hope they always remain close. We had a fun little party at home with cupcakes and balloons. Jacob went right for the "boo" cupcakes, his favorite color, and devoured two before I dunked him in the tub :-)  He is loving all of his new things, especially the parking garage that plays music. In the last video you can see him be-bopping to the tunes.

Stats. J is about 32 pounds now so he's growing fast and furiously. He regularly out-eats his brother. He loves music, reading books, "wrestling," dancing to tunes, climbing, snuggling, and doing anything outside. He knows the color blue, several letters and can already do the bunny hop. He has a understandable vocabulary of a few words and phrases including: "no tut it!" (don't touch it), "wha cauc" (what is it called?), "pwees" (please), "hulp" (help), "mow" (more), "cack" (cracker), "pide" (spider), "dow" (down)-- but the way he talks on and on, it's clear that he thinks everyone understands it all. He loves "reading" books and pointing out all of the things he knows. And he loves faces and photos of people he knows. He still sucks his index and middle fingers of his hand and curls up the other hand in his neck. He never adopted a "lovey" so this is his security blanket. It will be fun to learn more about him in the coming year as his speech become clearer and he learns more about what he is capable of. He might be exiting the "baby" stage and entering the "little boy" stage, but as every parent knows, he will always be my baby.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Before & After

Before the haircuts--Jacob, assuming "the stance"

Me & my boys!

Jacob and Daddy, shaving
The boys finally got some much needed haircuts on Monday which will hopefully keep them nice and cool this summer! Even Jacob did a great job, with no fussing at all while getting his locks trimmed. We went out for ice cream as a treat for them being so good. I love looking at pictures of both of the boys, they look so different right now, sometimes it's hard to believe they are brothers, but we know better :-) Dan and I had a much-needed date on Friday night. We went to Hot Springs and used a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse and then did some shopping for a few items Dan needs for his upcoming stage combat workshop. None of us is looking forward to him being gone for 3 weeks, but we are glad my parents are coming down to spend the time with us. And the professional development Dan will receive is important, especially now since he will be up for tenure next year.

Dan and the boys gave me some nice gifts and cards for Mother's Day and we relaxed at home and had family time. At AWANA that night, they had a special cake time for all the moms at the beginning and Micah gave me a potholder that he had decorated with his hand print. I always keep these items that they make in school. They are the most precious gifts to me. And I like seeing how their ability to express themselves changes.

Right now, Micah is coming to a realization about death, and that we all will die someday. I'm not really sure what triggered it, but I can tell it's on his mind because sometimes he will say to one of us, "Jacob (or whoever), I love you, and I wish you could never die." At first I was concerned that he had a preoccupation about this, but after talking with him about it, I think it is just his way of expressing the fact that he wishes his relationships could go on and on, just like he wishes the same thing at the end of a fun-filled day. He still asks a lot of questions about what happens to people's bodies and spirits when they die, but he doesn't seem upset when he talks about this. I think for him, it's a part of understanding his world and not necessarily something he's anxious about. (The way he runs around, sometimes I think he thinks he really is invincible!) For now, we talk about how it is important to focus on what we do with our lives right here and now, even more so because we don't live forever. And we talk about how our bodies die but our spirits, that part that contains who we truly are in our hearts, continue to live on. He loves to talk about how we will have a "new" body in heaven. Like I said, he challenges me to think about all of these things myself because I have to come up with a response for him!

Jacob is learning his "pleases and thank-yous" right now. We are encouraging him to use his words when he wants something. He wants to do everything Micah does, which is sometimes good (using the potty) and sometimes not so good (demanding certain foods at every meal). I love his sweet face, how he stomp-dances without music, and the way he buries his head in my neck before bed at the end of a long day.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Micah's 80s flashback

the whole crew

my little Miami Vice-r

As promised, here are some photos of Micah's Pre-K show, which had an 80s theme. You can see him in the front with the orange polo, sunglasses and sweater tied around his shoulders :-) Below is a link to a video on YouTube of one of the songs where he was standing in the front row.