Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here is a cute video on Jacob in the infant tub (don't worry, it's modest!). We had some work done on our shower this week so I had to bathe him in the baby tub for a night. He just loves to splash and play with the washcloth.

the face of an angel...

It's been kind of a crazy week. My grandfather passed away at the end of last week, so I've been thinking about him a lot. I'm sad that he has passed, but more than that, I am so thankful for the wonderful memories I have of time spent in Vermont visting him and my grandmother. They were both loving and generous people, and I'm proud to have known them. Grampy didn't get to meet Jacob, although I sent him pictures, but he did meet Micah when he was about 6 months old. Micah had a special place in his heart, that's for sure, and I know know Jacob would have too.

 Jacob's been to the doctor about three time in the last two weeks for wheezing and coughing. I took him back on Tuesday since he just didn't seem to be improving. Turns out, he has a double ear infection! Poor kid. Hopefully now that he's on an antibiotic, he'll start feeling better. We've been giving him breathing treatments around the clock. Thankfully, Mom and Dad are coming for a visit while Dan is in England this week so if I need help they will be around. Micah seems to be doing fine, despite the pollen everywhere. I hope he stays that way! Well, think of Dan as he's traveling. I hope he will love this experience of going to Europe and be able to make some good connections there.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Who wouldn't want to smooch those cheeks?!

Jacob is sporting the long-haired look these days.

"Ok, so you distract her with cuteness, and I'll grab the cookies..."

Snuggle time!

"Um, yeah. What he said."

Well, I am risking a jinx by saying this, but I think we've finally turned the corner with Jacob sleeping at night! Since last Sunday night, he has slept through the night without needing us to come in and hold/feed him. A few weeks ago I began a campaign to help him get attached to a blankey and a lovey, things that helped Micah sleep better. I just left both in the crib. So he still wakes up at night but has been able to comfort himself using these things each night for the past week! Even with a cold and getting a tooth, he still has been fine. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to get a solid night's sleep! But I have to admit, I do miss those early-morning snuggles too :-) It is precious to go in there in the morning and find him with the blankey stuffed in one hand, fingers stuffed in his mouth, or to find him playing with the musical aquarium that he has figured out how to work on his own or the  teething toy I put in there. I was beginning to think we might be up at night for a long time to come, but I am hoping that he has just reached an age where he can now do some of these things on his own. Just over the last two weeks he has learned to do so much.

Micah had a very fun Sunday visiting with a new friend! On Friday we received a last-minute invitation to a birthday party for one of his classmates. His mom had to move the date of his party up unexpectedly and so she was handing out invites as I was picking up the boys. Since we didn't have anything going on and Dan could be home with Jacob, we decided to go. It turns out that Micah was the only child who showed up! The two boys had a great time playing in his backyard which was a kids' paradise complete with trampoline, play set and sandbox! They even had a petting zoo of sorts with all of their different pets. Anyway, it was a nice day for Micah and I enjoyed getting to meet this little boy's parents as well.

Dan will be starting rehearsals for the spring musical so we will be missing him in the evenings over the next month or so! It's a comedy called the Drowsy Chaperone and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.