Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We finally set up the blow up jumper that Grammy Lynn and Papa Roger got for Micah for Christmas! It fits perfectly on the back porch and he had a great time in it last night, jumping, dumping toys into it and trying his best to find a way to free those decorative balls around the top of it. I love it because it's another way to help him burn off some of that endless energy. I expect it will be a favorite destination when the baby is napping in the house this summer. With that and the pool set up out there, it'll be like having our own backyard waterpark. The weather here has been so perfect the last few days we are getting to enjoy our porch again and taking our after-dinner walks through the neighborhood. Thank you time change! We found out that they will be demolishing the little playground around the corner from our house soon--big bummer there. The church that owns it has not been maintaining it for some time, and I guess they have decided to tear it down and build more office space. Boo. I guess we will be spending more time in our own yard, since that place was pretty much the only place in town ideal for younger kids. Maybe we'll try the playground at the elementary school.

It has recently hit me that I only have about 10 weeks left before baby Jacob comes. I am making my to-do lists, trying to get things in order and yes, reading about labor techniques! Labor is like climbing a mountain to me--if you look at all the way you have to go and how hard it is, you get discouraged, but if you look up at the top and think of the view then it's doable. Can't wait until I can look into those precious eyes and hold those tiny hands that seem like they are trying to find a way out even now.

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Shoes

Here are a couple cute videos of Micah wearing his new shoes (they light up) and snap blocks. These are his two favorite things right now!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First dental appointment

Micah did a really great job this morning at his first dentist appointment! We've been reading books about going to the dentist and talking it up, hoping for the best. Dan went first and Micah and I watched while he had his teeth cleaned. Then Micah hopped right up in the chair and opened his mouth--he had a good exam and even a cleaning with no problem! They let him pick out a toy afterwards, and you can see he's holding a special flossing tool for kids in his hand--it's in the shape of a neon dinosaur. He was so proud to be a "big boy like Daddy." All 20 teeth got a clean bill of health! On the PT front (potty training) Micah has been dry everyday at school for the past week and a half! He only had one accident at home last weekend. We do put pull-ups on during nap time and bed time, but I'm happy to say he is pretty much day-time trained! (We're still working on #2, but that usually takes a bit longer.)
The blog had taken a back seat to all the action going on in our lives right now, but hopefully I'll be better at maintaining it this month! Dan's show, Twelfth Night, went really well in February. The pregnancy continues to go smoothly--today is the first day of my third trimester! It has gone by so quickly. I'm still able to do most everything I need to, working, etc., but I need more help around the house and with Micah so Dan's been helping me out a lot more. It worked out great that his show is over now so he's home most evenings. I am thankful for sugar-free chocolate pudding, without which my chocolate cravings would have put 30 extra pounds on me by now!
Last weekend we began setting up the crib and we finally chose a name for our new son--Jacob Martin Inouye. We just liked the sound of Jacob (easy to say, easy to spell) and Martin is my grandmother's maiden name. We liked that it had some family significance, but that it was also a well-known first or middle name so we finally settled on that. In the Bible, Jacob is the one who "wrestled" with God for his blessing. It is our hope and prayer that our son will desire God's blessing on his life as well, that he will ask the hard questions and seek the truth. Micah keeps asking to play with Jacob or to say hi to him, but I keep telling him he's not done growing yet and when he gets big enough, he will come out and see us.
In a couple of weeks it will be Spring Break here. We're not planning to go anywhere, but we will get to enjoy some family time at home. Hope you all are having a great week!