Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Monster

Micah loves playing with this monster bath towel he got for Christmas! This picture was taken after church, but everyday after bath time he wears it and runs around the house growling :-) Like this: (sorry it's turned to the side)

Things are going pretty well with us. Baby is doing great, as far as we can tell, and is very active, especially when he hears singing, Daddy reading, or big brother laughing. We haven't chosen a name for him yet, but we have a short list! I have reached the point where people I don't know well feel comfortable approaching me about the fact that I'm pregnant, so I guess that means I am definately showing now. Dan and Micah are both recovering from some kind of head cold/coughing thing but are feeling better now. It seems like everyone in this town has been sick with something this season. This morning, Micah was moved into a new class just for 3-yr.-olds at his preschool. Yea! I'm hoping that this will be a positive change for him. I think he'll really enjoy it since it will be one of his favorite teachers leading it. Dan's been busy with rehearsals for his next show, Twelfth Night, which goes up mid-February. Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days!

Monday and Tuesday were snow days for Micah and I. Dan was still off of work for the holiday so we enjoyed some extra family time together. We got somewhere between 6 and 9 inches of snow at our house in Arkadelphia on Sunday--almost unheard of for this region! We went out and played in it everyday and took a break to make some sugar cookies. We tried to make a snowman, but it was took powdery so instead we took walks, visited the playground (the slides were especially fun) and tried to catch snowflakes on our tongues :-) We're still dealing with some icy sidewalks since temperatures are still low, but the "snowpocalypse" has just about ended.

More festivities

Mark, Katie Lynne and Alaina joined us on Christmas Day and we opened gifts. The girls looked so pretty in their holiday dresses :-) A couple days later, we celebrated my birthday with some cake! Micah helped blow out the candles.

On Christmas Eve, Randy and his fiancee Joyce and Josh and Amanda came to the house. We opened our gifts to and from Randy and Joyce since they had to leave the next day to spend time with some of her family, but Josh and Amanda got to stay on for the weekend. We were glad to get to spend some extra time with them since the last time we saw them was their wedding a year ago! Micah got a remote control truck from them and was very excited about that. Micah and Joyce hit it off and soon were engaged in a tickle-fest :-) We had some amazing broccoli cheese soup and chili, our usual Christmas Eve fare!

Christmas in Wisconsin and the Lip Mishap!

We had a wonderful time in Wisconsin visiting family for Christmas! Everyone was healthy and we had no flight delays, but we did have one small mishap the night before we flew out there. Micah slipped off of the chair in the kitchen and bumped his lip, necessitating a trip to the ER to make sure no teeth were loose or stitches needed. Luckily, we were alone in the ER and got right through, Micah did not need stitches, only Dermabond, which is a kind of glue bandaid that they paint on the cuts. He had a pretty good gash on the inside of his mouth too, so we got some salve for that, gave him a little Tylenol and went right on our way. He was a real trooper about the whole thing. Within days he was feeling much better, although he still has a bit of a puffy lip. I guess that trauma was healed up by all the fun he had sledding with Papa Inouye and Daddy up north. We drove to Duluth and saw the "biggest Christmas lights display in the Midwest" one cold night. That's what the top photo is from.
I'll post more photos from our time up there.