Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Relay for Life

This weekend was the Clark County Relay for Life. Since I was helping with Henderson's team, Dan and Micah were walkers this year. Here they are in their "Rockin' Reddies" team shirts! (Henderson's mascot is "Reddie") It's an all-night event so Dan and Micah went home to get rest and I stayed most of the night. It went well, despite the fact that we had a tornado watch and all had to huddle in the auxiliary gym for a bit. On Saturday morning, Dan woke up to a strange noise coming from Micah's room. As he opened the door to investigate, a small person greeted him, doorknob in hand. Now that he's regularly "jumping ship," I guess we might not be that far away from Micah finally sleeping in the real bed! Our church hosted a community dinner with inflatables for the kids to play on. Micah wasn't too sure about the bounce house we put him in--I think he was intimidated by all the big kids. Maybe next year! We've got one more week of class, then finals, then summer. We should be finding out about summer job possibilities for Dan soon, so hope for the best.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spicy Food

Here are a couple of cute videos. Micah and I are glad to have Dan back now that the musical is over. It was a success and lots of people enjoyed it, including us! We're looking forward to the summer break. As you can see above, Micah is into putting his socks on his hands, even while he sleeps! He has trouble getting them on his feet, so I guess this is a satisfying alternative.
The first video below is of Micah eating some spicy sausage we had for dinner last night. It was so funny because he kept eating it even though it burned his tongue. He just kept drinking milk and going back for more! This boy loves his meat. The next video is of him playing "nite-nite" with Daddy. He has to put all the blankets on and then pat-pat-pat and lay down next to him. Of course, once he saw the camera, he got a little distracted :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Week

Micah is sporting a new outfit from Nana and Papa Inouye!
"Good morning," kitty!

A Henderson "Reddie" in the making?
You may have noticed that most of the photos I have of Micah are of him sitting in the high chair. This is mainly because these days, this is one of the few times he sits still long enough for me to take a photo! He is busy learning and growing so fast. He can now sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" along with me, ("Twee-too, twee-too eeta ah"), draw a circles and lines with his sidewalk chalk and enjoy the toddler climbing wall at the playground! These things might seem small to the normal eye, but to a parent, they are milestones :-) Dan's opening night of Seussical the Musical went really well. The crowd was enthusiastic and there was a great turnout! He also got a letter from a theatre at which he applied for a summer freelance directing position. The letter was not an offer yet, but it did have additional detailed info about the position and salary, etc., so that's an indication that he is still in the running for it. They are supposed to make the final decision by April 30. We are having a cast party at our house on Saturday night with 30 students--hopefully the neighbors won't mind! I am putting some additional photos up on Snapfish for those who are interested.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday, Dan!

Micah's Easter basket
Dan blowing out the candles

Mommy and Micah on Easter

Daddy supervising the Easter candy
We had an eventful weekend! On Saturday I spent the day helping out with out Relay for Life fundraiser. It was an Easter photo session for children which made for some cute moments. Dan and Micah held down the fort and we all cleaned the house and got ready for Easter. On Sunday we went the church to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! Micah discovered the basket of candy we had hid in our bedroom, even though we weren't planning on breaking that out until after church. Oh well! Our friends Mark and Maggie and baby David came over and we shared a nice meal with them and had a good time eating Dan's chocolate cappuccino cake, that ended up being more torte than cake, due to the fact that it wouldn't come out of the pan! It may not have looked fabulous, but it tasted great. Everything is covered in a cloud of green pollen around here. Spring has definately come and we are finally getting that warmer weather. Send your thoughts and prayers our way this week since Dan is in the final week of rehearsals for "Seussical, the Musical" ! He's also scoping out freelance directing positions around here for the summer.