Monday, March 30, 2009

Delaware and Back Again

Like my new haircut?
A sleepy Micah with Pop Pop

The oldest granchild and the youngest

Well, we made it back from Delaware! It was a great trip and included trips to our favorite eateries (a big deal since we don't have many of those in our AR town), plans with friends and family and lots of playtime with Grammy and Pop Pop. We ended with a close call, almost missing our connection from Houston back home after the first flight was late, but we ran and made it as they were closing the gate. Micah and I both got much needed haircuts (and colds, which were not needed!) and Dan played a game of golf with my dad. I'll be posting some more family shots over the next few days and a couple videos.

Friday, March 20, 2009

How Micah got his reddish hair...

Yes, folks. Who knew? Learning to eat with a spoon is messy business. Hope you are ready for this Grammy and Pop Pop! This will be the last post for a week since we are on vacation for Spring Break starting tomorrow.

Micah discovered a resonance chamber in the bathtime plastic cup.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is a cute but dark video of Micah saying "book" as he pulls one off my cookbook shelf in the kitchen. He has added another word to the list he can say--"cracker." We are getting ready for our upcoming plane trip to visit Grammy and Pop Pop in Delaware! While we are looking forward to the time there, we are not looking forward to that 3.5-hour leg from Little Rock to Houston! I am preparing a bag filled with little toys for him to play with and hoping that things will go well! Since we have already done the 40+ hour car ride with him, we're not totally out of our element. But flying is different. Micah's been very good on the past two flights we've taken because he has always been able to sleep through most of it. I googled suggestions for what to take so here's what's going in my bag: a variety of snacks, sippy cup with milk, paci, blanket, books with moving elements, stickers, toddler crayon and paper, mini cars, toy laptop with lights that blink (we're going to muffle the speakers with tape, and the creme de la creme--my coworkers portable DVD player with Baby Einstein DVDs! I don't like him to watch much TV, but desperate times call for desperate measures! Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Funny Face

It's been a crazy week, but not without its charms. Micah accidently pushed his sippy cup off the tray at dinner last night and just couldn't stop laughing about it. I try to keep a straight face during dinner since "dinner time is when we eat, not when we play" (Micah has a habit of turning it into both). But I couldn't help but join in with him.

Friday, March 6, 2009


This is a cute video of Micah tasting an orange peel. Dan brought an orange home from work and Micah kept calling it a call and wanting to play with it. Then he discovered that it smelled like something so he decided to give it a taste. Boy was he in for a surprise!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cooking with Love

We are both very glad to have Dan back from his business trip! Micah and I managed to find enough to keep us busy this weekend. We made Jello Jigglers with this heart cookie cutter he is holding. I thought Micah would get a kick out of jello since I don't think he's ever had it before. He loved the taste, but couldn't stand the way it slipped through his fingers! Here he is "cooking" with the heart cookie cutter. If you turn the sound up, you can hear him muttering to himself about something in the pot.