Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Breathing Treatments

This stuff may look like fizzy lifting drink (from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" for those who haven't seen it) but it's just some nebulized medication for Micah.

As you can see he kinda likes it :-) In the second picture he is sticking out his tongue to "taste" the medicine.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sick? Ick.

Plans for a relaxing weekend at home were thwarted when we had to take Micah to the ER. I knew he'd had a cough and stuffy nose so we had him tested last Monday for infection--everything was negative. However, when I picked him up from daycare on Thursday, the worker told me he slept almost the entire 4 hours and had nothing to eat-I knew something wasn't right. He was wheezing. So I took him over to Magnolia RHC and they admitted him that night and started an IV--tests showed he has RSV. There had been an outbreak at his daycare. Four days later, here we are back at home with a long list of medications. But lest anyone out there worry about us, I am posting a photo of Micah taken this afternoon. As you can see, he's doing ok now, albeit a little more cranky than usual :-) He's demonstrating his latest penchant for devouring his right hand! Thanks to all who were praying and sending good thoughts our way. Now the hard part will be sending him back to daycare when he gets better.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Little Boy Blue

Micah in Aunt Lyn's handmade outfit--awww shucks.
The handsome duo: Daddy and Micah chillin' on the couch.

Well folks, it's official. He's 10 weeks old and 15+ pounds! Our son is headed for sumo wrestler territory. You'd think he'd just be a chunk, but he's just tall--almost 25 inches long now. If it wasn't for the fact that he looks just like Dan and even has some of the same mannerisms, we'd wonder if he belonged to our family of short people!
The news for this week is that none of us having been getting a whole lot of shut-eye due to Micah's eczema. He's taking a steroid to help control it for a few days but it causes sleeplessness, and in true collective form, what happens to baby, happens to mom and dad. But despite this and having a cough, Micah seems to be pretty happy. He even surprised me with a big smile yesterday when I picked him up from daycare :-)

Helloooo out there

Anyone who knows us knows we live a rather nomadic lifestyle with family and friends scattered all over the country. This blog is our attempt to provide those who are interested with updates on what's going on and of course, pictures of Micah!