Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Week of Kindergarten!

Doesn't he look so grown-up?

The first week of school is upon us and so far, we are weathering it all right. Both boys have been pretty easy to rouse in the mornings, which is surprising because they've been used to sleeping in. They've both been cranky and tired in the evenings, so I think that is taking its toll. Micah said he had a great first day on Monday, and even brought home a prize from the "treasure box" for being "still and quiet", no small feat when you are 5 :-) Although his best bud is not in his class this year, he did spot him in another classroom and they "smiled." He will be in Prime Time afterschool care again this year so I am sure he will get to see some of the other kids there. Micah hasn't been eating much of his lunch at school, probably because he gets too distracted by the other kids, so we are hoping that resolves soon.

Jacob also has a new classroom and teacher due to a new preschool building opening up in town and all the 3-yrs-old-and-up kids being moved to that. He is now one of the oldest kids in his building and his new teacher is a friend from church, so that helped the transition. Yesterday he cried when I dropped him off, but today he happily went with Ms. Tanya to play, so that helps a mama's heart :-)

Dan's first day teaching was yesterday and he said that went well. He is teaching classes he's already taught so he didn't have as much prep work to do as in years past. He is not directing right now, but is advising a student director, so that also helps lighten the work load. I am undergoing lots of training for my new role at work this week. I anticipate that this will be a busy semester for all of us.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're ba-ack

Can you tell they're related?

The boys prepare for a wild ride

Jacob lends a hand

Helping out with chores :-)

A serious game of Life with gramma

Chillaxin' with Papa

Daddy and Micah on the jet ski!

Enjoying the warm water

"Where are my juice and my magazine?"

Time for a swim!

"Hmmm, do you think we can share this one?"

Jacob and Daddy, two peas in a pod.

Getting ready for the food!

The boys' first pontoon ride!

Jacob wants to steer, Uncle Randy!
We had a great time in Wisconsin this last week, visiting Gramma Lynn, Papa Roger and family! (Thank you for having us--we know it can be crazy at times!) We spent time taking walks, playing board games, hanging out at the cousins' house, and spent several days at Uncle Randy and Aunt Joyce's cabin on the lake where we ate terriyaki, fished, took a pontoon ride, and jet skied. We got to spend some quality time with the whole Inouye clan. (And we even got a much coveted date-night--twice.) Micah can't stop talking about it all :-) We skipped naps stayed up late, ate ice cream cones, and had a wonderful time just relaxing in that unique space outside of normal routine, that is, vacation. I'm glad we had this chance before the semester starts up again and we are at it full blast. We rolled in about 10:30 p.m. last night after 13 hours of travel. Just to be clear, the travel is not the fun part. But our flights were generally on time coming and going, we made our connections and nobody got sick, so all in all it went pretty smoothly. There was a small incident last night with some very sugary (possibly caffeinated) lemonade and two very rowdy boys who would not sleep in the car until well after bedtime. But we survived :-) And it's a good thing, because Dan starts back with faculty meetings tomorrow, and we also have open house night for Micah's kindergarten that night.

It would be great to have more regular contact with everyone in our family, but for now, these moments are like gold. When it comes right down to it, we can either spend time lamenting the things we don't have or enjoying the ones we do. I don't know whether we'll be here in Arkansas another year or another 10, but I just have a feeling that the story isn't over yet. When you do a lot of travel, you come to realize that there are many things out of your control. I can purchase a ticket to ride, but I can't make the weather great, or ensure that we don't get sick or even completely corral two very excited boys (or prevent flat tires). Prayers help. To be honest, I'm not very good at embracing that lack of control. But there comes a point when you know it's futile and you just have to let go. I'm not quite at "zen" level yet, but I'm taking suggestions if you have any.

So, if you think of us, and the many other students and faculty members who are gearing up for another scary-wonderful year, say a prayer to the one who can hold all of these threads together.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting Creative

"Blueberries are my favorite! Can you tell?"

Piacssos in the making

the handiwork

"Talk to the hand!"
It's been pretty hot and the boys have so much energy so we decided to finger paint one day on the porch. They had the best time and of course, I dunked them in the tub as soon as they were done. We taped the finished products to their bedroom doors. We're getting ready to leave for our week-long trip to WI. Wish us luck! So far the boys have been pretty good travelers. We're really looking forward to a little family time (and a break from this heat and humidity) before the craziness of the semester starts. Micah got his classroom assignment this week and we were pleased to hear good reports from several who have already had this teacher. He is very excited about starting kindergarten. We purchased some new clothes and school supplies for his last weekend so we are all set to go!